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We Offer All PIC Single Engine Time Building From Chicago Illinois USA Our goal is for you to build your hours in the safest and shortest amount of time.

Explore the United States while building your flight time.

Time Building Blocks Available in 10 25 50 100+ Hour increments.

We all know that flying is not cheap. To be competitive in this aviation job market you need as many flight hours as you can get. There are many ways that you can build your flight time. You can get paid to build your flight hours or you can choose to pay for your flight hours. Check out this article on the “Ten Ways To Build Your Flight Time

So how do you plan on Building your flight time?

If you’re that person that has extra cash and wants to build your flight hours cheap and fast, we can help.

We currently fly a Piper PA 28-151 Warrior with the Bold Warrior 180HP STC – ADSB IN and OUT - Garmin 430W with WASS and Flight Stream - New Custom Leather Interior - Like New Paint. This is not your typical flight school aircraft. This is a well-maintained A&P IA owned aircraft.

Around the USA

Block Rates

All PIC Single Engine Time Building Rates.

Time Building is currently on hold and will resume at a future date. Please check back for updates.

10 Hours

  • $175 Per Hour
  • 1 Day
  • All PIC
  • Wet

25 Hours

  • $170 Per Hour
  • 3 Days
  • All PIC
  • Wet

50 Hours

  • $165 Per Hour
  • 5-7 Days
  • All PIC
  • Wet

*Our rates listed above can and will change based on the current price of 100LL fuel.

Time Building Details

Fuel Included

Rates listed above are WET ( Fuel and Oil Included). We plan our time building flights to airports with cheaper self service fuel. This way we can offer cheaper time building rates.

Time Building

Consists of straight and level VFR or IFR cross country flying. 3 to 4 Hour Legs and about 10 hours per day.

Cash Discount

The rates listed above are the cash discounted rates. Add 6% for Credit Cards.

Days to complete

Can be longer based on weather and unscheduled maintenance beyond our control. We will do our best to get you all of your flight hours in the shortest amount of time.

Airport Fees

You will be responsible for any and all airport fees away from our home base in Chicago. Most airports that we fly into do not charge any fees.

Where can you Fly?

Anywhere in the Lower 48 States.


Sorry but passengers are not allowed on our time building flights.

Right Seat Pilot

You will have an experienced right seat pilot flying with you at all times. This is not an FAA Requirement. This is just the way we opperate our time building program. This does not cost extra. You will be responsible for any overnight hotel/transportation fees away from our home base in Chicago.

and more...

  • We accept Cash, Certified Checks and Credit Cards (add 6% for Credit Card Transactions.
  • $100 non refundable deposit is required to hold your time building block at the current rate.
  • Time Building Hours are based on Hobbs Time: Tach x 1.2 = Hobbs Time.
  • Total payment is due on arrival, before time building begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the more popular questions pilots ask about time building.

U.S. Citizens must furnish a valid U.S. Passport or U.S. Birth Certificate with a valid government issued ID. Permanent residents must furnish a valid green card.

You must possess a current and valid FAA Pilot Certificate and FAA Medical Certificate. You should have a current Biennial Flight Review (BFR) and be Day and Night current. If you would like to fly IFR you will also need to be IFR current.

Copy of the last two pages of your logbook.

First, you need to be in the United States legally with a current visa or be a citizen of one of 36 countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

You must have a valid FAA pilot certificate and medical certificate.

What if you do not have a FAA pilot certificate but you do have a foreign pilot certificate? If you have a pilot certificate issued by an ICAO country, you are eligible to apply for a FAA pilot certificate based on your foreign pilot certificate. This process can take between 45 to 90 days to complete. If you’re thinking about building time in the next few months, you should already start the process of acquiring your FAA pilot certificate.

Your first step to converting your foreign pilot certificate to a FAA pilot certificate is to fill out FAA AC Form 8060-71 (Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License and Medical Certification). Once all of your information is verified, you will receive a VLoA (Verification Letter of Authenticity) from the FAA. Once you have this letter you will need to contact the selected Flight Standards District Office and schedule an appointment with a FAA Inspector or authorized certifying official. Expect the appointment to be at least a minimum of two weeks from the day you call and schedule due to enhanced security procedures.

Click here to get more information about this process and to download form 8060-71.

We only offer ALL PIC time building. You will not be splitting any flight time with anyone else.

Sorry but we do not allow passengers on our time building flights.

Sure, you can. Maintenance and weather are beyond our control and could extend the completion time. At each 50 hours we need to be back at home base to complete an oil change and inspection that will last a few hours. Each 100 hours the aircraft will be down for a day or two to complete a 100 hours inspection.

We will do everything we can to get the aircraft back in the air as soon as possible.

You will keep flying until you complete all your hours. Some companies give you a certain amount of time and if you don’t complete your hours in that time, you forfeit the rest of the money. We do not steal money from you. You will get all the hours you paid for.

If our schedule is open, you can start right away. We can also schedule your time building block up to a few months in advance with a $100 non-refundable deposit. This will lock you into the current block time building rate.

Please complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly. You can also reach us by phone or text at (773) 717-2046.

We only specialize in time building. If you would like additional training in Chicago IL you can visit: AeroAviationAcademy.Com.

We do not offer any housing but will help you locate an affordable hotel during your stay. Please contact us before you decide to book a hotel. Some of your time building trips will require you to get a hotel outside of our home base.

We can pick you up from the airport when you arrive for your time building block. We can also pick you up and drop you off at your hotel while you are building your time with us. If you decide to stay away from our home base then you will be responsible for transportation costs to and from the airport.

Winters in Chicago can be cold and snowy. Our aircraft is hangared and is equipped with a Tanis engine and cabin heater. This keeps the aircraft warm on the ground and ready to go 24/7. If the weather looks like it will not cooperate, we will plan on flying to better weather.

No big deal. You will be charged the hourly rate of your current time building block. We will try to get you as close as possible to the hours your paid for. Due to weather, planning and ATC delay, it is possible to go over your hours.

Sure, you can add more hours to your current time building block. We will first need to check the schedule to make sure the aircraft is free for the amount of extra hours you’d like to add to your time building package.

We're not the only ones excited thrilled about flying...

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Multi Engine Time Building Coming in 2024/2025